Awsomehotmilf.tumblr.com VolkswagenBumblebee is one of the smallest and physically weakest Autobots. While his stature allows him to do his job better than most Autobots could manage he is selfconscious about his size. Maybe this is why he makes fast friends among the humans. He looks up so to speak to the other Autobots especially Optimus Prime but what he doesnt realize is that they look up to him. He may be small but hes brave and hes one of the most wellliked Autobots around. Bumblebee already has the respect he craves. But the poor bot seems to get kidnapped a lot. Bumblebee is the Autobots spy and scout. His talents involve espionage.As Goldbug or still Bumblebee his rebuilt and matured formBumblebee retains most of his earlier strengths and weaknesses but crippling need for approval. This is true of some matured versions of Bumblebee without new names or bodies as well but is quite markedly associated with the change to Goldbug. Bumblebees first appearance... anywhere.Four million years ago Optimus Prime led a crew of Autobots including Bumblebee aboard the Ark to clear a path through an asteroid belt for Cybertron to

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Louise Cliffe Here is a description of all parts so farR80GS Frame Date of manufacture Jan 1990 first registration 08Nov1990 in New Zealand approx 70.000mls apparently straight gussets are flat and not warped tubes are straight engine bolts fit without problem all threads perfect with original NZ title fresh from the paint shop black epoxy undercoat with black semi gloss overcoat. The frame had two major areas of concern when I got it one being the foot peg bracket the other one being a hairline crack in the LH steering head gusset. I found that irritating as no signs of impact or other damage could be seen. Both gussets are absolutely straight. The bike has maybe had a rough life in NZ and this may be a fatigue crack. I heard of microvibrations being induced to the frame through improper adjustment of the driveshaft Ujoint bearings resulting in cracked gus

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